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Welcome to the Center for Family Practice and Aesthetics!

by Emily Becker, director of marketing

Here at the Center for Family Practice and Aesthetics we love implementing new things into our business. We are super excited to announce that our space on the second level of our building is open and flourishing! This space is absolutely beautiful and we are so proud to finally be sharing it with everyone.

Our vision was to create an exquisite and calming atmosphere that would create that stress-relieving feeling that will ease your mind when you visit us. Not only did we level up by creating our space upstairs, but we are taking our business to the next level by introducing our Aesthetician, Alyson Tower! Alyson is working in the Med Spa section of our newly renovated space upstairs and she offers excellent services in her repertoire.

Everyone’s skin is different, and Alyson has just the right touch to have you leaving here feeling refreshed and rejuvenated no matter what your skin type is. We all experience stress in different ways and with the winter months coming up, our skin takes a beating from the environment. Who says taking care of your skin can’t be fun, relaxing, invigorating and enjoyable! Looking to have a facial? We have many. Looking for skin care products? Ours work wonders. Not too sure where to start? Come in for a free aesthetic consult with Alyson!

We can even give you two free consults in the same day. One with Alyson and one with Jessica Hausler, PA-C! Jessica’s elegance and talent with her injections of Dysport (Botox) and fillers are going to accentuate your natural beauty with that extra little oomph. For a deeper look into Jessica’s stunning injections check out two of her blog posts on our website titled Dysport and Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

I can’t wait to share more of our wonderful news with you all, but for that, you’ll have to stay tuned. Better yet, give our office a call and get on our schedule to come see our new space!

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